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Global and regional cooperation

We are a production and trading company.
We have been operating on the Polish market since 2005.
From the beginning of the company`s existence, all manufactured devices are entirely made in Poland.

Years of experience have allowed us to gather a lot of knowledge in the field of electronics and related technologies, electronic components, as well as allowed us to create a network of commercial contacts with factories.

We are a manufacturer of voltage converters, separators and automation systems.
We provide high-quality PCBs according to customer documentation.
We delivery SMD / THT assembly services.
We import components for a specific order.
Additionally, we provide related services based on our machine park. CNC milling, cable preparation and component quality control.

We comprehensively meet the needs of customers, from analyzing the customer`s requirements, through design, software, production preparation, to delivery of the finished device. For example drivers, controllers, signal splitters, voltage converters, supervision devices, etc.


An engineer will answer your inquiries.

Please do not hesitate to contact us

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